Friday, 21. June 2024.

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Niš Antifascist Collective: Human Rights Board, Centre for Local Democracy – LDA, Civil Resource Centre, Center for Girls and Women’s Space organize a week of Antifascist action that will last from November 9th through November 16ththus marking the International Day against fascism.

Several events will be organized within this action:

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  1. Round table where civil sector representatives and those from the local Council for human and minority rights speak about all present problems of forced evictions, hate speech, discrimination and potential possibilities for their solutions, both in our city and elsewhere. Event’s venue will be the foyer of the City Hall;
  2. Street action within the city centre with distribution of antifascist and antiracist materials;
  3. The documentary The Wrong Word - Compensation for Roma and Sinti in Germany, NKC, 18h).




  1. Historian prof. Olivera Milosavljević will deliver the lecture on Fascism and history revisionism in Serbia today (SKC 18h);
  2. Workshops for youth themed with Human rights and tolerance.

Niš, as a city of a rich libertarian and antifascist tradition which had suffered the strikes of fascist aggression in the past and the Antifascist Collective of this city’s activists wished to send a clear message to their fellow citizens of nourishing freedom, diversity and human rights and that Nazi, neo-Nazi and profascist groups who under the cover of patriotism act in the whole of Serbia spreading hate, intolerance and fear among minority groups should never be tolerated.

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