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Lecture "Fascism and Historical Revisionism in Serbia Today", within the pilot Anti-fascist Studies course, will be held at 6h on November16th 2012 in Student's Cultural Center.

Historian and professor of Belgrade Faculty of Philosophy Olivera Milosavljević will talk about this phenomenon of historical revisionism in Serbia that is in its whole directed to "revising" the World War II and directly, fascistic ideology. We will try to answer the question why is that within the entire modern history of the last two centuries it is the history of fascism (both as ideology and as practice), although scientifically most thoroughly documented, is now suddenly – along with the societal transition, becomes questionable and prone to "revision". Why does the well known history of WWII, without any new information added to it, become a subject of harshest dispute? How does it happen that "historical science" becomes just an interpretation of known and not the research of the unknown?


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