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The meeting of representatives of Roma Women Network organizations and informal groups was held in Niš on 22nd February 2014 as to plan campaign Month of Roma Women Activism individual activities.

For this purpose, 16 activists from 13 cities in Serbia planned the action for marking key dates within the campaign, such as: 8th March - International Women Day, 21st March - International Day Against Racism, April 7th - International Health Day, and, as for the campaign finale, April 8th - International Roma Day.

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This year Campaign will be opened on March 8th through a joint action “Who represents our interests?” in Belgrade while March 21st and April 7th will be marked by several local actions. On the final Campaign day, April 8th we will perform publicly the action “364 Days without a Voice” with a press conference where campaign results will be presented to the public.

Local actions covering the greater part of Serbia will be done during the Month of Roma Women Activism campaign all aiming to raise visibility of both problems Roma women face and Roma women activism in dealing with these problems and creating solutions for them. All towns and municipalities where RWN members, but also organizations that support RWN work, are active will have at least one local action.


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