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rosa1Within the period March 8th through April 8th, organizations and informal groups of Roma Women Network of Serbia have successfully organized and implemented the campaign "Month of Roma Women Activism" for the third time. This year's campaign was comprised of 33 events, implemented in over 30 Serbian towns and municipalities and with a goal to increase visibility of Roma women activist work and their activism results and to direct public attention to the Roma women position within our society. We stressed the promotion of positive Roma women images and their activism. All events within this year's campaign included the screening of the documentary in Women's Space production "Different".


In Belgrade's Cultural Institution "Parobrod" on March 7th, the day before Women World Day we have organized a public screening of a documentary "Different", with total length of 23 minutes created in Women's Space production and idea and under authorship of the Center for the New Media "Dokukino". This event moderator was journalist Nataša Ristić whereas on behalf of RWN and their activist work documentary participants: Nada Đuričković, Vera Kurtić, Mirjana Stanković, Sofka Vasiljković and Jelena Jovanović spoke about. Director of "Dokukino" Darko Soković was also present. With around 30 participants we had an interesting discussion after the movie projection. This event was covered by the media and journalists from Radio Belgrade were also there.


Campaign event in this town was held in the premises of Day Care Center for disabled children and youth "Osmeh" (Smile) on March 10th. Organizer and discussion moderator was  Marina Simeunović, a long term RWN activist. With over 30 people present, this event was supported by Tourist Organization of Ljubovija and Women Association "Vila" from the same town. General conclusion of the participants was that education represents the key for changes and that education enables women to leave poverty circle and fight for their positions within the society through a positive attitude and personal perseverance. At a point, before the end of this event, spontaneously Roma women and women of majority population jointly sang the Roma anthem. Photographs of the event can be seen here.


Leskovac, a small town in south Serbia, hosted this year campaign event at its Roma Cultural Center on March 14th. Organizer and moderator of this action was  Anđelka Mustafić and this event attracted around 25 people with the support of Women for Peace and Roma Culture Center. Local self-government and state institutions representatives included two employees of Public Health Directorate. Radio Leskovac, TV Leskovac and TV Protokol K-1 media were present and discussion ended with the conclusion that the documentary shown was very inspiring and motivating.  
Photographs from the Leskovac event can be seen here.


On March 15th there was an event held within the premises of Political Parties Committee in Aleksinac and the organizer Nataša Petrović, representative of Roma women association "Nada" and RWN activist was also this event moderator. With approximately twenty people present, this campaign event was supported by Caritas representatives Goran Žalac and Krejči Tereza. RWN activist was a guest in the ALT Television morning program where she talked about the Month of Roma Women Activism, documentary "Different" and importance of education and elimination of stereotypes relating to Roma women and men wihtin the broader society.
Photographs from Aleksinac can be seen here.


The same day as in Aleksinac, we have had the campaign event held in Pančevo  in their Culture Center within Roma settlement Jabuka. Action organizer and moderator was Stanka Tonevski, Roma Women Association "DANICA" activist and RWN member. Event was supported by the local self-government and institutions representatives, and the media were interested to interview and air this event through their daily news program (TV Pančevo).
Photographs from this event can be seen here.
TV Pančevo video can be seen here.


The Municipal Hall in Bela Palanka hosted this year's Campaign event in this town on March 16th.  Dragana Usainović, "Romano Drom" organization representative acted as the organizer and moderator of this event where around 20 people were present including women from Roma settlements but also young Roma high school pupils and students. Principle of the Center for Social Work in Bela Palanka, Roma issues coordinator and municipality president chief of staff were also there. TV "Bela Palanka" covered this event in the local media.
Photographs from the event can be seen here.


On March 17th, RWN and "Sastipe" activist Kaja Raimović, organized an event in Municipality of Vranje Small Hall. With about twenty people present, most of which high school pupils and activists of women and Roma organizations from Vranje civil society and the media: Vranje News and RTV Vranje.


This small Vojvodina municipality had an event on March 18th within its Municipal Building with Amela Demiri, activist from Roma Association, as an organizer. This event gathered over twenty people and had a media coverage by RTV  Beočin.
Video from this event, the recording from daily news can be seen here.


On March 21st, in our home town we had two activities: Street performance "All that I am" which was played on King Milan Square by Dah Theatre from Belgrade and the premier screening of our documentary "Different" in the Centre for Civil Resource Development in Niš. These activities also marked the World day against racial discrimination. Events were covered by the various media including: TV5, RTV Nišava, Town Daily "Narodne Novine" and Južne vesti informative on-line portal.
In addition, on March 30th, within Roma settlement "Crvena Zvezda" documentary "Different" was shown and this event was organized by "Association for development of children and youth - Open Club" and the discussion was moderated by Tamara Simonović from the Open Club and  Snežana Stojanović from Women space with around twenty women from the settlement who also had an opportunity to talk about the film with one of its actors Mirjana Stanković.

DSC 0372

Photographs from these events can be seen here.
Video recording of TV5 here.
Video by RTV Nišava can be seen here.


Within this remote municipality in south of Serbia we organized in its Municipal Building, and with the help of  Nena Džaferović an event on March 29th with about twenty people present. Representative from the Center for Social Work Marija  Petrović, employees of the local high school and educational assistant from primary school Valentina  Jović were present. The event was covered in the media by the Radio Babušnica.
Photographs from this event can be seen here.


In this town, situated in the far north of Serbia, on the border with Hungary there was an event organized and moderated by Tanja Perić in the premises of Subotica American Corner on March 30th. There were about ten people present and local self-government representatives were also there: Town directorate and Refugee Commissioner, Vojvodina Social-democratic League and an educator from Subotica Special school which is attended by a large number of Roma children.
Photographs from this event can be seen here.


Women Media Library hosted the screening of "Different" documentary in Pirot on March 30th. Representative from the local Roma organization "Ternipe",  Radmila Nešić, who is also a RWN member assisted with this event which gathered over twenty people.  Ljiljana Petković, the president of the Gender Equality Commission, councilwomen Slavica Marković and Jasmina Milić, and activists from women organization "Women of the South supported this action. Technical support was given by the Youth Office in Pirot and Association "Fenix". This event was covered by the media: TV Pirot, Radio Plus, "Politika", "Press", "Blic" dailies and Beta news agency.

Photographs from this event can be seen here.


Within "Romanipen" - Education and culture organization of Roma premises, Emina Nikolić organized a campaign event on March 20th 2012 with over twenty people present including a representative from the GE Commission Mirjana Stevanović, Roma coordinator Zoran Pavlović, educational assistants and members of work groups comprised of local institutions that participated in the creation of the Local Action Plan for Roma women position improvement, with Mirjana Ilić, a pediatrician and Bojana Vučetić from the National Employment Service. Actions were covered by the media by RTV Kragujevac and RTV K9.
Video footage from this event can be seen here.


Event in this remote south Serbian municipality was held on March 22nd within OSCE office and by Rahmana Silistarević. Community Resource Center Bujanovac supported this action through providing necessary equipment which enabled over thirty individuals, amongst which the representative of the National Employment Service, to see our documentary.


Large Municipal Hall in Prokuplje received nearly forty people on March 23rd for the campaign event organized by Mirjana Stanković, long term RWN activist from this town. Representatives from several local NGOs supported this action and also Roma coordinator Safet  Sušica, local Roma community liaison  Živorad Stanković, local councilman  Saša Ališanović and Dr.  Olivera Ranđelović, local gynecologist. News Agency BETA and TV Most Net covered this event.

For the reminder of this year Campaign events were organized also in:

VLASOTINCE - March 25th
NOVI BEČEJ - March 27th
NOVI SAD - March 30th
ŽABALJ - March 31st
Video recording of this event can be seen here.
ŠABAC - April 3rd
RUMA - April 3rd
LAZAREVAC - April 3rd
Video footage from this event can be seen here.

GE Board with the Serbian Parliament has organized and held its 37th Session which was dedicated to the Month of Roma Women Activism campaign. This session was supported by the OSCE Mission to Serbia and the topic was: "Roma women in Serbia - Roma women activism for system solutions". Introductory speakers included: Gordana Paunović - Milosavljević, Parliament GE Board president, Slavica Denić, state secretary with the Human and Minority Rights Ministry, Nevena Petrušić, Commissioner for Protection of Equality, Vera Kurtić, RWN Board president, Women's Space, Jan Lueneburg, Head of Democratization Department of OSCE Mission to Serbia. Institutional role and their cooperation with the non-governmental sector regarding combating violence against Roma women - experience and practical usage was presented by Irena Mahmutović, secretary of RWA "Osvit" from Niš and RWN activist.
System solutions to enhance Roma women position were discussed by Tatjana  Perić, RWN consultant. For their successful initiation and adoption of Local Action Plans for Roma women position improvement, four municipalities: Barajevo, Lazareavac, Pirot and Leskovac received publicly written acknowledgements. With over fifty individuals present, including RWN activists, other civil sector organizations, members of Parliament, and local self-government representatives. This event was recorded by "Kurir" daily newspaper.
Photographs from this event can be seen here.

ŽITIŠTE - April 5th
Photographs from this event can be seen here.
Photographs from this event can be seen here.
Publication can be downloaded here.
JAGODINA - April 7th
Video from this event can be seen here.
KRUŠEVAC - April 8th
Video from this event can be seen here.
ODŽACI - April 8th
TRSTENIK - April 8th

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